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Please note that scholarships with a Campus Endorsement Deadline require that you work with Gladis Herrera-Berkowitz  to secure a UCR endorsement.

  • Students should plan to meet with Gladis at least a quarter in advance of the application deadline to review your NPSA Planning Guide and establish a schedule for preparation of application.  Upon approval, you will be asked to submit the UCR Endorsement Request Form

Students are encouraged to optimize the workshops provided by the Student Success Workshop Series in preparation for applying to these award opportunities. 

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Campus Endorsement DeadlineApp
        AAUW International Fellowships Awarded for full-time study or research in the United States to women who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents. Both graduate and postgraduate studies at accredited U.S. institutions are supported. Requires $30 filing fee (nonrefundable) to apply. Master’s/First Professional Fellowships awards are $18,000. Doctoral Fellowship awards are $20,000. Postdoctoral Fellowship awards are $30,000.   December (check program website for specific date)  
        AAUW Selected Professions Fellowships Awarded to women who intend to pursue a full-time course of study at accredited U.S. institutions during the fellowship year in one of the designated degree programs where women’s participation traditionally has been low. Requires a $35 non-refundable filing fee. Awards range from $5,000-$18,000. Minimum GPA: 3.3   December (check program website for specific date)  
    ACFE Ritchie-Jennings Memorial Scholarship Program  Provides a one-time scholarship to students with a major or minor in accounting, business administration, finance or criminal justice and who wish to pursue a career in an anti-fraud profession. One-year scholarship paid directly to the university of one $10,000 scholarship, two $5,000 scholarships, four $2,500 scholarships or twenty-three $1,000 scholarships plus a one-year ACFE Student Associate membership.   January (check program website for specific date)  
        ALFA Fellowship Program Key goals of the Alfa Fellowship Program are expanding networks of American, British and Russian professionals, developing greater intercultural understanding, and advancing U.S.-Russian and U.K.-Russian relations.   December (check program website for specific date)  
    Actuarial Diversity Scholarship The Actuarial Diversity Scholarship promotes diversity within the profession through an annual scholarship program for Black/African American, Hispanic, Native North American and Pacific Islander students. $2,000 – college freshman applying for sophomore year/sophomore applying for junior year; and $3,000 – college junior applying for senior year. Minimum GPA: 3.0   Early March (check program website for specific date)  
    Actuary of Tomorrow Stuart A. Robertson Memorial Scholarship The Actuary of Tomorrow – Stuart A. Robertson Memorial Scholarship recognizes and encourages the academic achievements of undergraduate students pursuing a career in actuarial science. Award amount: $9,000. Minimum GPA: 3.0   Early June (check program website for specific date)  
        Amelia Earhart Fellowship Awards $10,000 to 30 women pursuing PhD's in aerospace-related sciences o aerospace related engineering.   Early November  
    American Chemical Society Scholars Program African American, Native American and Hispanic students planning to pursue full-time study in a chemistry-related field (e.g. environmental science, toxicology, and chemical technology) with outstanding academic records and a desire to pursue a career in the chemical sciences can apply for an ACS Scholars Award. $2,500 for freshman, $3,000 for sophomores, $5,000 for juniors and seniors. Minimum GPA: 3.0   Early March (check program website for specific date)  
        American Scandinavian Foundation The American-Scandinavian Foundation (ASF) offers fellowships up to $23,000 and grants up to $5,000 to individuals to pursue research or creative projects in one or more Scandinavian countries for up to one year.   Early November  
          Amgen Scholars Program   During the program, students work full-time on independent research projects under the guidance of a research scientist. Amgen Scholars have opportunities to conduct research, analyze data, present research results, network with other undergraduates with similar research interests, and develop working relationships with faculty mentors and other research staff. Financial support is a critical component of the Amgen Scholars Program. Please note that details vary by host institution. See each institution’s Amgen Scholars Program website for more information   February (check program website for specific date)  
      Baden-Württemberg Stipendium Work Immersion Study Program (WISP) The program enables participants to gain valuable international work experience while improving their German language skills.   Early December (check program website for specific date)  
      Barry Goldwater Scholarship Undergraduate scholarship support for students in mathematics, science and engineering who intend to pursue a career in research.See UCR recipients. Jan. 7, 2019 
(max of 4 students can be endorsed)
Last Friday in January  (check program website for specific date)  Yes
    Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship Grants for U.S. citizen undergraduate students of limited financial means to pursue academic studies abroad.See UCR recipients. February, 2019 (Visit the UCR Study Abroad Office for specific deadlines and endorsement support) March  (check program website for specific date)  Yes - through Study Abroad Office
Boren Scholarships and Fellowships Boren Scholarships promote long term linguistic and cultural immersion. January 2019 (Specific date TBA) February  (Specific date (check program website for specific date)

  Bridging Scholarships Offers scholarships to American undergraduate students participating in study-abroad programs in Japan for a semester or an academic year. Applications are accepted twice a year (i.e. Fall and Spring). Time spent studying in Japan must earn credit that will transfer to a student's home institution.  

Fall Deadline: Early April 

Spring Deadline: October

(Check program website for specific dates)

      Capital Fellows Program Fellows work for 10 - 11 months, receive health benefits, a monthly stipend, and are employees of Sacramento State. They work as full-time members of a legislative, executive, or judicial branch office, and are typically given assignments with a significant amount of responsibility and challenges. Fellows also enroll as graduate students at Sacramento State and receive graduate units from the Sacramento State Government Department or Public Policy and Administration Program.  The enrollment fees are paid by the programs.See UCR recipients.   February (check program website for specific date)  
        Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Junior Fellows Program One-year fellowship to graduating seniors and recent grads who desire careers in international relations. Carnegie Junior Fellowship program provides a substantive one-year working experience in Washington, D.C. Junior Fellows provide research assistance to scholars working on Carnegie Endowment programs. Dec. 3, 2019 January  (check program website for specific date)
        Charles B. Rangel  International Affairs Graduate Fellowship The Rangel Graduate Fellowship Program provides benefits of up to $95,000 over two years toward a two-year master's degree, arranges internships on Capitol Hill and at U.S. embassies, and provides mentorship and professional development support. Fellows can use the fellowship to attend two-year master's programs in U.S. institutions to study any area of relevance to the Foreign Service, including inter¬national relations, public policy, public administration, economics, or business administration. Upon successful completion of the two-year fellowship and Foreign Service entry requirements, Fellows join the Foreign Service of the U.S. Department of State, embarking on a uniquely rewarding career of international service. Applicants must have a GPA of at least 3.2, and be U.S. citizens. 30 Fellowships awarded annually.   September (check program website for specific date)
      Charles B. Rangel Summer Enrichment Program A six-week summer program designed to provide undergraduate students with a deeper appreciation of current issues and trends in international affairs, a greater understanding of career opportunities in international affairs. The program includes course work, networking opportunities, and preparation for graduate and professional options in International Affairs. The Program usually selects 15-20 participants (known as “Rangel Scholars”) each year from universities throughout the United States. Students live at Howard University, attend classes, and participate in a variety of programs with foreign affairs professionals.   Check program website for specific date)  
Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange for Young Professionals The Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange for Young Professionals (CBYX) is a fellowship for college-age students and recent graduates throughout the US who want to live, study, and intern in Germany.   Check program website for specific date)  
          Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Scholar-Intern Program  Provides support for Hispanic students for undergraduate or graduate students in any area of study. Award amount: varies   Check program website for specific dates  
      √  Coro Fellows Program A full-time, nine month, graduate-level experiential leadership training program that prepares diverse, talented and committed individuals for effective and ethical leadership in the public affairs arena. 64 Fellows are chosen nationally each year.See UCR recipients.   January (check program website for specific date)  
Critical Language Scholarship Undergraduate awards for intensive summer language study in critical need foreign languages.   November (check program website for specific date)  
   √     Cultural Vistas Fellowship The Cultural Vistas Fellowship affords under-represented U.S. university students the unique opportunity to advance their career goals, develop global competencies, and experience life in another culture.   January (check program website for specific date)  
    DAAD EMGIP - Bundestag Internship Offers a two-month internship with the German parliament, the Bundestag. Fluency in German required. Two month internship with the Bundestag, €1100 per month, subsidized health insurance. Minimum GPA: 3.0   September (check program website for specific date)  
DAAD German Studies Research Grant Grant for short-term (one to two month) research in Germany. $1500-3000 of research support funding, for living and travel costs during the active research phase. Minimum GPA: 3.0   November (check program website for specific date)  
    DAAD RISE Summer research internship in the STEM fields with doctoral students at top German universities. No German required for most placements.  €650 a month for an 8-12 week internship, health insurance, €160 for travel within Germany. Assistance in finding affordable housing for the duration of the internship. Minimum GPA: 3.0   January (check program website for specific date)  
        DAAD RISE Professional Summer research internship in the STEM fields with doctoral students at top German universities; for graduate students or those who have already completed a DAAD RISE internship. €650-1000 monthly stipend (depeding on degree-level of applicant), €800 for travel expenses, €150 travel for scholarship meeting, insurance. Also up to max €500 for 80% of course fees to attend a language course in Germany. Minimum GPA: 3.0   January (check program website for specific date)  
           DAAD Study and Internship Program (SIP)  Offers both short and long term (one-year) opportunities to study and intern in Germany. 650€ per month for living expenses and a monthly contribution to cover health and accident liability insurance; 850€ contribution to travel expenses.  Minimum GPA: 3.0   February (check program website for specific date)  
            DAAD Undergraduate Scholarship  Supports undergraduate study, senior thesis research, and/or internships in Germany for a 4-10 month period. €650 monthly stipend for 4-10 months of study, plus additional funds for travel, research expenses, and health insurance. Minimum GPA: 3.0   January (check program website for specific date)  
             DAAD University Summer Course Grant  Scholarship for a variety of 3-4 week summer courses at German universities. €850 for courses covering a minimum of 3 weeks, which covers tuition, room, and board in whole or in part. Also, a €300-450 travel subsidy is provided. Minimum GPA: 3.0   Mid-December (check program website for specific date)   
              Davis-Putter Scholarship Fund  This need-based award provides grants to students who are able to do academic work at the university level and who are part of the progressive movement for peace and justice on the campus and in the community. Award amount is up to $10,000. Minimum GPA: 3.0   Check program website for specific date)  
           Department of Defense National Defense Science and Engineering Grad Fellowships  Highly competitive, portable fellowship that is awarded to U.S. citizens and nationals who intend to pursue a doctoral degree in one of fifteen supported STEM disciplines. Three years of support, including full tuition and all mandatory fees, a monthly stipend (minimum $30,500), and up to $1000 in medical insurance.  Minimum GPA: 3.0   December (check program website for specific date)  
           Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellowship DOE CSGF provides a yearly stipend ($36,000), payment of full tuition and fees, an academic allowance, and a twelve-week practicum experience for up to four years to students pursuing doctoral degrees in fields that use high-performance computing.   January (check program website for specific date)  
       √   Department of Energy National Nuclear Security Administration Stewardship Science Graduate Fellowship The DOE NNSA SSGF program provides fellows:- A $36,000 yearly stipend.
- Payment of full tuition and required fees during the appointment period at any accredited U.S. university.
- An annual $1,000 academic allowance for research or professional development expenses
- A term of up to four years, subject to annual renewal.
- Participation in an annual DOE NNSA SSGF program review, with related travel expenses reimbursed.
- A 12-week research practicum at one of DOE's national defense laboratories.
- Augmented stipend during the practicum.

   January (check program website for specific date)  
  Department of Energy Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education The Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) administers a broad range of internships, scholarships, fellowships and research experiences. These programs are available to science and engineering students and educators at every academic level from K-12, to college students and postdocs, to university faculty members. Minimum GPA: 3.0   Deadlines Vary - (check program website for specific date)  
      Donald M.Payne International Development Fellowship The USAID Donald M. Payne International Development Graduate Fellowship Program seeks to attract outstanding young people who are interested in pursuing careers in the Foreign Service of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). If you want to work on the front lines of some of the most pressing global challenges of our times — poverty, hunger, injustice, disease, environmental degradation, climate change, conflict and violent extremism – the Foreign Service of the U.S. Agency for International. The Payne Fellowship, which provides up to $90,000 in benefits over two years for graduate school, internships, and professional development activities, provides a unique pathway to the USAID Foreign Service.See Profiles of Past Fellows.   Mid-January   (check program website for specific date)  
   √     Donald A. Strauss Scholarship Foundation Awards $10,000 scholarships to California college juniors who demonstrate a commitment to public service and education. Strauss Scholars tend to have extensive experience in community and public service. A central part of the application package is a proposal for a project to be carried out between the end of the junior year and the spring of the senior year.See UCR recipients. February 1 
(max. of  3 students can be endorsed)
March  (check program website for specific date)   Yes
        Erasmus Mundus Sponsored by the European Union, Erasmus Mundus offers students scholarships to complete one of the many offered Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters and Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorates. Tuition fees and participation costs (including insurance), travel cost contribution, installation cost contribution, and monthly allowance. Minimum GPA: 3.5   Deadlines Vary (check program website for specific date)  
        Ertegun Graduate Scholarship Programme in the Humanities Provides support to students for pursuing a graduate degree in the humanities at the University of Oxford. Full tuition and fees, living stipend (approx. £13,500), and access to Ertegun House.   Mid to late January (check program website for specific date)  
        Fostering Advancement & Careers through Enrichment Training in Science (FACETS), Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Fully funded summer program that provides introductory coursework in epidemiology and biostatistics, formal lectures from different faculty within the Harvard Chan School. Participants will also engage in a group research project with an assigned Harvard Chan School faculty member. These faculty members will be based in the Departments of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Health Policy and Management, Environmental Health, Nutrition, or  Global Heath & Population.    March (check program website for specific date)  
  Father James B. Macelwane Annual Award in Meteorology Student paper contest provides travel support and stipend for undergraduate students interested in the atmospheric sciences. One-year stipend of $1,000, and partial travel support to the AMS Annual Meeting.   Mid-June (check program website for specific date)  
          Frederick Douglass Global Fellowship, Penn Center for Minority Serving Institutions Provides scholarships for financially challenged students to fund 100 percent of program fees and travel costs to participate in a summer study abroad program designed to enhance their leadership and intercultural skills in one of three locations: London, England (summer 2017); Cape Town, South Africa (summer 2018); and Seoul, South Korea (summer 2019). The CMSI will award the study abroad scholarships annually based on a combination of financial need, academic achievement, and nominations from students’ MSI presidents.  10 awards annually.  September 1   October (check program website for specific date)  
      √  Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship Predoctoral fellowships will be awarded in a national competition  to individuals who, have demonstrated superior academic achievement, are committed to a career in teaching and research at the college or university level, show promise of future achievement as scholars and teachers, and are well prepared to use diversity as a resource for enriching the education of all students.  The predoctoral fellowships provide three years of support for individuals engaged in graduate study leading to a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) or Doctor of Science (Sc.D.) degree.
  Mid-November (check program website for specific date)  
    Frank L. Greathouse Government Accounting Scholarship Available for undergraduate or graduate students preparing for a career in state and local government finance. This award is funded by the Government Finance Officers Association. Each recipient receives a $5,000 award.   Late February (check program website for specific date)  
      Fulbright Scholarships A year abroad engaged in study/research or teaching English. September 1 October (check program website for specific date)  Yes
        Gates Cambridge Scholarship Awarded to outstanding applicants from outside the UK to pursue a postgraduate degree in any subject at the University of Cambridge   October (check program website for specific date)  
        GEM National Consortium Offers opportunities for underrepresented minority students to obtain MS degrees in engineering and Ph.D. degrees in engineering and the natural and physical sciences through a program of paid summer internships and graduate financial assistance. Tuition, fees, and $16,000 stipend. Includes summer internship with industry sponsor. Minimum GPA: 2.8   November (check program website for specific date)  
       √ George J. Mitchell Scholarship One year of graduate study in Ireland in any field.2016 Recipients August 1 September (check program website for specific date)  Yes
      Goldwater Scholarship The most prestigious undergraduate award for students in the sciences, the Goldwater recognizes exceptional students dedicated to a research career in math, science, or engineering. Applicants must apply for university nomination. Up to $7,500 for tuition, fees, books, and room and board. Minimum GPA: 3.8  Jan. 7   Last Friday in January (check program website for specific date)  Yes
        Google Anita Borg Scholarship (US and International) Also known as the Women Techmakers Scholars Program, this scholarship features a $10,000 scholarship based on academic performance, leadership, and impact on he community of women in tech; and retreat to connect with scholars,   Early December (check program website for specific date)  
    HACU National Internship Program (HNIP) HNIP matches a student's career interests, educational background, and previous work or volunteer experience with the needs and demands of federal and corporate partners. Students receive paid round-trip airfare, housing arrangement assistance, emergency medical insurance, a weekly stipend, and most attend an internship orientation in Washington, D.C.   Early February (check program website for specific date)  
        Harry S. Truman Scholarship Graduate study to prepare for a career in government or public service. January 7  
(max of 4 students can be endorsed)
Early February (check program website for specific date)  Yes
        Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellowship Provides recent college and graduate school alumni with a six to nine month experience in Washington as a full-time junior staff member. Fellows work with nonprofit and public-interest organizations. Includes a $3,100 monthly salary and a $1,000 professional development budget.   January (check program website for specific date)  
        Hertz Foundation Fellowship The Hertz Foundation supports graduate students working toward a Ph.D. in the applied physical, biological, and engineering sciences.  The foundation does not support study in pursuit of an M.D. or work in descriptive biology, although it may support the Ph.D. portion of a joint M.D./Ph.D. study program.  The Graduate Fellowship Award consists of a cost-of-education allowance and a stipend.   October (check program website for specific date)  
  Hispanic Scholarship Fund Scholarship Programs Provides funding for undergraduate and graduate students of Hispanic heritage.   Deadline varies depending on scholarship (check program website for specific date)  
  Humanity in Action Fellowship Humanity in Action Fellows participate in an annual month-long human rights fellowship program held each summer in Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, Paris or Warsaw   January (check program website for specific date)  
        International Dissertation Research Fellowship The Mellon International Dissertation Research Fellowship (IDRF) offers nine to twelve months of support to graduate students in the humanities and humanistic social sciences who are enrolled in PhD programs in the United States and conducting dissertation research on non-US topics.   Check program website for specific date  
        James Madison Memorial Fellowship The James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation offers $24,000 James Madison Graduate Fellowships to individuals desiring to become outstanding teachers of the American Constitution at the secondary school level. Fellowship applicants compete only against other applicants from the states of their legal residence. As funding permits, the Foundation plans to offer one fellowship per state per year.   March (check program website for specific date)  
        Jacob K. Javits Fellowship Program Awards fellowships based on academic achievement, financial need, and exceptional promise to students pursuing a master's or doctoral degree in the arts, humanities, or social sciences.   September (check program website for specific date)  
John Lewis Fellowship Humanity in Action will bring together a group of 30 American and European university students and recent graduates for an intensive program about diversity and civil rights in America.  The program honors Congressman John Lewis, an icon of the Civil Rights Movement.   Mid-January (check program website for specific date)  
        Josephine De Karman Fellowship Offers $25,000 undergraduate fellowships for outstanding students pursuing original research   January (Check program website for specific date)  
        Knight-Hennesy Scholars Offers full funding (tuition and fees, living stipend, travel expenses) to pursue a JD, MA. MBA, MD, MFA, MS, or PhD at Stanford University. The program seeks students who are innovative thinkers, ambitious, and have strong leadership skills.   Check program website for specific date  
      Marshall Scholarship Two years of graduate study in the UK.
See the profiles of the 2015 Marshall Scholars
September 1 October (check program website for specific date)  Yes 
        Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship The purpose of the Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship (MMUF) program is to help to diversify college and university faculty by mentoring and preparing undergraduates for graduate school and academic positions in selected humanities, science and social science disciplines.  The program provides stipends, faculty mentorship, GRE preparation, and up to $10,000 in repayment of undergraduate loans for Fellows who matriculate into a Ph.D. program in a Mellon-approved discipline within three years (or 39 months) of graduating from UCR.   Check program website for specific date   
      Morris K. Udall & Stewart L. Udall Scholarship Undergraduate scholarship support for students with a demonstrated commitment to the environment, or to Native Americans and Alaskan Native students with a demonstrated commitment to tribal public policy and Native health care.See the 2015 Udall Scholars February 1,   March (check program website for specific date) 
        Mount Vernon Leadership Fellows The Mount Vernon Leadership Fellows program provides a 5-week residential experience that is designed to create the next generation of our nation's top leaders.  All disciplines are welcomed, students will learn from the top corporate, military, government and non-profit leaders in the nation.  This select, small cohort of rising college juniors will engage in dynamic academic workshops, experiential activities, and a capstone project that fully utilizes the rich resources of Washington, D.C., the nation’s newest presidential library, and the famous estate of America’s first president.   February (check program website for specific date)  
          NASA Aeronautics Scholarship Program Scholarship and internship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students in STEM   Check program website for specific date  
      National Defense Science & Engineering Graduate Fellowship National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowships are awarded to applicants who have demonstrated the ability and special aptitude for advanced training in science and engineering and will pursue a doctoral degree in one of the following disciplines:
- Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering
- Biosciences
- Chemical Engineering
- Chemistry
- Civil Engineering
- Cognitive, Neural, and Behavioral Sciences
- Computer and Computational Sciences
- Electrical Engineering
- Geosciences
- Materials Science and Engineering
- Mathematics
- Mechanical Engineering
- Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering
- Oceanography
- Physics 
  Check program website for specific date  
      National Institutes of Health Oxford-Cambridge Scholars Program The NIH Oxford-Cambridge Scholars Program is an accelerated, individualized doctoral training program for outstanding science students committed to biomedical research careers.  The program is based on the British system in which students perform doctoral research without required formal courses other than those which students choose to take in relationship to their own interests.  Students selected for admission to the program have already developed a sophisticated scientific background by having engaged in research as undergraduates.   Check program website for specific date.  
  NIH Undergraduate Scholarship Program The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Undergraduate Scholarship Program (UGSP) offers competitive scholarships up to $20,000 per year to students from disadvantaged backgrounds who are committed to careers in biomedical, behavioral, and social science health-related research. In addition to scholarship support the program offers paid research training at the NIH during the summer, and paid employment and training at the NIH after graduation.   March - Check program website for specific date.  
          National Physical Science Consortium Fellowship A fellowship for STEM students that provides full tuition and fees, an annual $20,000 expense allowance, one or two paid internships, and a mentor from a sponsoring agency for up to 6 years.   December (check program website for specific date)  
        NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program The National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program supports outstanding graduate students in NSF-supported science, technology, engineering, and mathematics disciplines who are pursuing research-based masters and doctoral degrees at accredited United States institutions   October - November (Varies by discipline - see website for specific dates)  
      √  Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans The Fellowship invests in the education of New Americans who show great promise of making special contribution to the American of the future.  Each award is worth up to $90,000 (up to $25,000/year stipend; up to $20,000/year tuition support). Awards support up to two years of full-time graduate study in any field, including the visual and performing arts, and at any graduate degree-granting institution in the United States.2015 Award Recipients   Nov. 1 (check program website for specific date)  
      Peace Corps The Peace Corps is an independent agency within the federal government, founded by President John F. Kennedy in 1961, that sends volunteers to over 60 countries around the world for a 27 month commitment of service.  Volunteers serve in one of six program sectors: Agriculture, Community Economic Development, Education, Environment, Health, and Youth in Development.  Peace Corps Volunteers provide technical assistance to countries that request it.   Check program website for specific date.  
        Presidential Management Fellows Program The Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) Program seeks eligible individuals for selection as Finalists to obtain appointments as PMFs in the Federal Government. Presidential Management Fellows are assigned to work in a broad range of areas including public policy and administration, domestic and international issues, information technology, acquisition, human resources, engineering, health and medical sciences, financial management, and many other fields in support of public service programs.   Deadline varies  - see website for specific dates.  
Project Global Officer Project GO is a collaborative initiative that promotes critical language education, study abroad, and intercultural dialogue opportunities for ROTC students.  Project GO programs focus exclusively on the languages and countries of the Middle East, Asia, Central Asia, and Africa.   Deadline varies by program - see website for specific dates.    
    Public Policy & International Affairs Program Junior Summer Institutes is an intensive seven-week summer program that focuses on preparing students for graduate programs in public and international affairs and careers as policy professionals, public administrators and other leadership roles in public service.  The successful completion of a summer institute is a requirement for PPIA Fellows to qualify for graduate school benefits.Summer Institutes are held at University of Michigan, UC Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon University, Princeton UniversityView a Virtual Info Session   Check program website for specific date  
      Rhodes Scholarship Two to three years of graduate study at Oxford University.See the profiles of the 2015 Rhodes Scholars September 1 October (check program website for specific date)  
     √     RISE Grad Prep Academy:  Preparing Undergraduate Men of Color for Doctoral Study in the RISE Fields (education, health, human services and social policy, juvenile and criminal justice, and workforce development) This program includes a four-day visit to the University of Pennsylvania. During the visit in November, the selected scholars will learn about applying to and succeeding in graduate school; meet faculty and hear about their research projects; interact with graduate students and alumni; and tour Philadelphia.Participants will be funded to take a four-week Kaplan course valued at $1,200 to prepare for the Graduate Record Exam (GRE). Additionally, each Academy participant will be paired with a current male Ph.D. student of color who will offer mentoring throughout the graduate school application process, feedback on essays and other application materials, and advice on where to apply and ultimately enroll.The goal of the program is to support the participants in enrolling in highly selective graduate programs at top research universities immediately upon completion of their bachelor’s degrees.    October (Check program website for specific date)  
        Robert Bosch Foundation Fellowship Program The Robert Bosch Foundation Fellowship Program is a distinguished transatlantic initiative that offers 15 accomplished Americans the opportunity to complete a comprehensive professional development program in Germany.   November (check program website for specific date)   
       √   Schwarzman Scholars program An international scholarship program that supports up to 200 scholars annually from the U.S., China and around the world for a one-year Master's Degree program at Tsinghua University in Beijing, one of China's most prestigious universities and an indispensable base for the country's scientific and technological research. Scholars chosen for this highly selective program will live in Beijing for a year of study and cultural immersion, attending lectures, traveling, and developing a better understanding of China. Admissions will open in 2015, with the first class of students in residence by the summer of 2016. September 1 October (check program website for specific date)  Yes
        Science, Mathematics & Research for Transformation (SMART) An opportunity for students pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines to receive a full scholarship and be gainfully employed upon degree completion. Students pursuing degrees related to the following are encouraged to apply: Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering, Biosciences, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Cognitive, Neural, and Behavioral Sciences, Computer and Computational Sciences, Electrical Engineering , Geosciences , Industrial and Systems Engineering (technical tracks only), Information Sciences , Materials Science and Engineering, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering , Nuclear Engineering , Oceanography , Operations Research (technical tracks only), Physics.   December (check program website for deadline)  
      Teach For America Individuals from all backgrounds, majors, and professional experiences who have what it takes to excel as teachers and improve the quality of education for children growing up in low-income communities. Teach for America corps members commit to teach for two years in low-income communities, then go on as alumni to lead efforts to change the face of public education.   Check program website for deadlines.  
      Thomas R. Pickering Foreign Affairs Fellowship Pickering Fellowship is one of the State Department’s premier recruitment programs aimed at increasing diversity among U.S. Foreign Service officers. The Fellowship is designed to attract outstanding individuals from all ethnic, racial and social backgrounds who have an interest in pursuing a Foreign Service career with the U.S. Department of State. Women, members of minority groups historically underrepresented in the Foreign Service and students with financial need are encouraged to apply.The Pickering Fellowship has both an undergraduate and graduate program. Pickering Undergraduate applicants must apply as rising seniors; Graduate applicants must be seeking admission to a two-year master's degree program in fall of 2015.The Pickering Graduate Fellowships provide up to $37,500 annually for academic expenses, covering the first and second year of graduate study, and include two paid State Department summer internships (domestic and abroad), as well as professional development through workshops and informational seminars and mentoring by U.S. Foreign Service Officers.Eligibility:  At the time of application, candidates must be in the junior year of undergraduate studies OR seeking admission to enter a two-year graduate program in the fall of the Fellowship year; Minimum GPA of 3.2; Open to United States citizens.   January (check program website for specific date)  
        Travelers Summer Research Fellowship at Weill Cornell Medical College The Travelers Summer Research Fellowship Program is designed to give 25 premedical students deeper insights into the field of medicine, including issues that greatly affect the health of traditionally under-served groups.  Applicants should be declared premed students in their junior year.   Please check website for specific date  
      Walter Byers Postgraduate Scholarship Program One male and one female student-athlete are annually awarded a postgraduate scholarship in recognition of outstanding academic achievement and potential for success in postgraduate study.  It is intended that a Byers Scholar will be recognized as one who has combined the best elements of mind and body to achieve national distinction for his or her achievements, and promises to be a future leader in his or her chosen field of career service.   January (check program website for specific date)  
      √    Winston Churchill Foundation Scholarship The Winston Churchill Foundation of the United States undertakes to encourage the exchange of knowledge and the sharing of ideas in science and technology between the United States and Great Britain. The Foundation chooses 14 winners each year. Most Churchill Scholars have been National Merit Scholars,  and many have held Goldwater Scholarships.  Two students may be nominated annually. October 1
(max of 2 students can be endorsed)
November (check program website for specific date)  Yes
      Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship The Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship seeks to attract talented, committed individuals with backgrounds in the STEM fields - science, technology, engineering, and mathematics - into teaching in high-need secondary schools in Georgia, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and New Jersey.  Eligible applicants include current undergraduates, recent college graduates, midcareer professionals, and retirees who have majored in, or had careers in, STEM fields.     Round 1: October

Round 2: November

Round 3: January(check program website for specific date)
      Yenching Academy Scholarship The Yenching Academy of Peking University offers full fellowships for top students from around the world to pursue an intensive program of interdisciplinary classroom and field study - in English - of Chinese history and culture, as well as real-time issues in China's development, leading to a Master's in China Studies.   Please visit website for specific date  


  Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate AGEP alliances consist of institutions dedicated to supporting underrepresented minority students, women, and students with disabilities to complete advanced degrees in the STEM fields. Alliances provide a variety of support programs including research support, professional development and mentoring, as well as cultural and social activities. Check program website for deadlines
  Amgen Scholars Amgen Scholars allows undergraduates from across the globe to participate in cutting-edge research opportunities at world-class institutions. 17 leading institutions across the U.S., Europe and Japan currently host the summer program.
Undergraduate participants benefit from undertaking a research project under top faculty, being part of a cohort-based experience of seminars and networking events, and taking part in a symposium in their respective region (U.S., Europe or Japan) where they meet their peers, learn about biotechnology, and hear from leading scientists.
Varies by host institution (early to mid February).
  DAAD RISE Germany

RISE stands for Research Internships in Science and Engineering. RISE Germany offers undergraduate students from North American and British universities the opportunity to complete a summer research internship at top German universities and research institutions. RISE Germany is funded by the German Federal Foreign Office.

Students are matched with a host university or institute according to their area of interest (biology, chemistry, physics, earth sciences, engineering, or a closely related field)

DAAD provides students a monthly stipend for three months to help cover living expenses

Host universities and institutes provide housing assistance and match students with Ph.D. student mentors

German language is not required and the working language will be in English

December - January (check program website for specific date)
  JPL Summer Internship Program

The JPL Summer Internship Program offers 10-week, full-time, summer internship opportunities at JPL to undergraduate and graduate students pursuing degrees in science, technology, engineering or mathematics.

As part of their internships, students are partnered with JPL scientists or engineers, who serve as the students' mentors. Students complete designated projects outlined by their mentors, gaining educational experience in their fields of study while also contributing to NASA and JPL missions and science. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in a number of enrichment activities, including tours, lectures and career advisement, arranged by the JPL Education Office.

April (check program website for specific date)
  Los Alamos Dynamics Summer School

A selective summer school in which top US-citizen undergraduate students from universities around the nation attend lectures and work in teams of three with a Los Alamos Lab mentor on research projects related to the Engineering Institute's technology focus. Their objective is to produce a conference publication summarizing their results by the end of the summer. 

The goal of this program is threefold:

1) to encourage these students to attend graduate school & specialize in fields related to NNSA's mission.

2) to recruit the top students to return to Los Alamos National Laboratory in following summers as graduate research assistants (GSAs).

3) to subsequently hire the best of these students as Los Alamos National Lab staff upon completion of their graduate degrees.

October (check program website for specific date)
    Mentoring Summer Research Internship Program (MSRIP) @ UCR MSRIP is an eight-week summer research program designed for rising juniors, seniors, and some masters students from educationally and/or economically disadvantaged backgrounds.  Participants work under the supervision of a faculty mentor on the mentor's research project.  The goal of MSRIP is to increase the number of outstanding students from diverse backgrounds who pursue the Ph.D. by strengthening their academic and professional development for admission to the UC campuses as well as other colleges and universities nationwide. February (check program website for specific date)
        National Institutes of Health Training Programs in the Biomedical Sciences Many programs for college students to conduct biomedical research with NIH investigators. There are also scholarship, and postbaccalaureate opportunities . Check webpage for deadlines.
  NASA Interns, Fellows & Scholars One Stop Shopping Initiative OSSI is a NASA-wide system for the recruitment, application, selection and career development of high school, undergraduate, and graduate students primarily in science, technology, engineering and mathematics disciplines. Check webpage for deadlines.
  National Science Foundation REUs View REU opportunities throughout the United States. Each program has its own requirements and application deadlines. January - March See specific program for application deadlines.
    NSF REU Santa Fe Institute Complex Systems 10 week residential research opportunity in which students develop innovative research projects in collaboration with an SFI mentor. Please contact Dr. Lauren Ponisio, for guidance. January - March See specific program for application deadlines.
    √   √   √ NSF REU Physics & Atronomy, Vanderbilt University 10 week fully funded summer opportunity focused on research ranging from astrophysics to particle and high-energy nuclear physics.    January (check program website for specific date)
      √  √  NSF REU Institute of Chemical Biology, Vanderbilt University 10 week fully funded summer opportunity for junior and senior chemistry, biochemistry and biology majors who have high potential to succeed in chemical biology research areas.      January (check program website for specific date)
    √   √    NSF REU Institute of Nanoscale Science and Engineering, Vanderbilt University

10 week fully funded summer opportunity that selects 10 students to work closely with VINSE faculty on research projects in cutting edge areas of nanoscale science and engineering.


January (check program website for specific date)
  Naval Research Enterprise Internship Program This program provides an opportunity for students to participate in research at a Department of Navy laboratory during the summer.  The goals of the NREIP are to encourage participating students to pursue science and engineering careers, to further education through mentoring by laboratory personnel and their participation in research, and to make them aware of DoN research and technology efforts, which can lead to employment within the DoN Check program website for deadlines.
  Pathways to Science Database of research opportunities for students in the STEM fields. Check program website for deadlines.
STEM Undergrads - Federal Opportunities for Undergraduate Students A resource of all federally funded undergraduate research opportunities. Check program website for deadlines.
Summer Research Opportunities Data Base This is a list of research experience throughout the University of California system as well as experiences at other campuses, with links to program information, applications, deadlines, etc.
See specific program for application deadlines.
    Summer Research Opportunities at Stanford Stanford University offers summer research programs in Biosciences, Humanities & Social Sciences, Natural Sciences and Engineering. February  (check program website for specific date)
  Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships at the Mayo Clinic Each year, approximately 130 undergraduate students from around the U.S. come to Mayo Clinic's campus in Rochester, Minnesota, to work beside both young and established scientists on a broad rang of biomedical research questions. Applications are available in September (check program website for specific date)
        SURF at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) The SURF Program is designed to inspire undergraduate students to pursue careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) through a unique summer research experience. Over the course of 11 weeks, SURF students contribute to the ongoing research of one of the six NIST laboratories which are the Physical Measurement Laboratory (PML), Material Measurement Laboratory (MML), Engineering Laboratory (EL), and Information Technology (ITL), Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology (CNST), and NIST Center for Neutron Research (NCNR). The SURF Program is administered at the Boulder, CO and Gaithersburg, MD locations. February (check program website for specific date)
    UCR FIELDS Research Internship

Internships for STEM students to analyze and extract information from large data sets.  Internships available at UCR and at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

November/December (check program website for specific date)

    U.S. Department of Energy Mickey Leland Energy Fellowship Program (MLEF) The Mickey Leland Energy Fellowship (MLEF) Program provides students with an opportunity to gain and develop research skills with the Department of Energy’s Office of Fossil Energy for 10 weeks over the summer. For 20 years, this program has increased awareness of DOE research opportunities to students pursuing STEM degrees (science, technology, engineering and math). The goal of the program is to improve opportunities for women and minority students in these fields, however all eligible candidates are encouraged to apply. Stipends start at $600 per week and eligible Fellows will receive an additional travel and housing allowance. January (check program website for specific date)

U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate Office of University Programs

10-week summer internship program for students majoring in homeland security related science, technology, engineering and mathematics (HS-STEM) disciplines. The program provides students with quality research experiences at federal research facilities located across the country and allows students the opportunity to establish connections with DHS professionals. It is open to undergraduate and graduate students in a broad spectrum of HS-STEM Disciplines and DHS mission-relevant Research Areas. The ultimate goals of the program are to engage a diverse, educated and skilled pool of scientists and engineers in HS-STEM areas and to promote long-term relationships between students, researchers, DHS and research facilities to enhance the HS-STEM workforce. December (check program website for specific date)
    Vanderbilt University Science Academy (Biomedical Science and Clinical Research) Vanderbilt University has a longstanding tradition of training undergraduates in the biomedical Sciences through summer research programs. There are two major tracks within the Vanderbilt Summer Science Academy (VSSA); the Basic Science Programs for undergraduates interested in careers in research, and the Undergraduate Clinical Research Internship Program for undergraduates who wish to pursue a career in medicine. Participation in any one of the Summer Science Academy programs is a valuable learning experience that enhances a student's skills and makes him or her more competitive for acceptance to frontline graduate programs. February (check program website for specific date)

List of Research Resources for UCR: This is the official list of resources for finding, funding, and getting involved in research.

Undergraduate Research for CNAS: A link to the CNAS undergraduate resources page, including information on summer opportunities.

Off Campus List of Research for CNAS: A list of research and internship positions available from off campus facilities or centers.

Undergraduate Research for BCOE: Links to the Bourns College of Engineering Office of Research, which will help students find research opportunities, both on- and off-campus, and integrate it into their undergraduate education.


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