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R'Course Program Overview

The purpose of R'courses is to provide an opportunity for UCR undergraduate students to develop leadership skills, innovate the undergraduate curriculum, and promote democratic, experiential education on campus.

Each student applicant must identify a faculty mentor who will assist him/her with developing the course. The faculty mentor will sign the student's proposal if they approve the concept and are willing to assist the facilitator by fulfilling the terms outlined in the agreement. During the second quarter the student will take:

  • 1 unit of Directed Study (190) credit with the faculty mentor 
  • 1 unit of EDUC 102, which is a series of training workshops to assist facilitators with developing lesson plans, assessments, classroom activities, and practice in delivering a sample lesson.

The faculty mentor will also be the faculty of record for the R'Course offered by the student facilitator. This activity can be included in the faculty member's merit and promotion file as an Undergraduate Mentorship experience. 

Quarter 1st Deadline - Proposal Due to R'Course Coordinator Final Deadline - Proposal with Revisions For Facilitation During:
Fall October 15 November 1 Spring
Winter January 15 February 1 Fall
Spring April 15 May 1 Winter

Contact the R'Courses coordinator at rcourses@ucr.edu, Ext. 2-773, for more information.



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Faculty Expectations
  • Faculty Expectations

    First Quarter - Proposal

    • Review the student facilitator's draft syllabus and proposal form, and make suggestions for revisions or additions
    • Sign the mentor agreement in the proposal form (make sure to leave comments for the R'Course Governing Board)
    • Assist the student in obtaining departmental approval
    • Meet to outline expectations for the 190 directed study course (1 unit, either S/NC or letter grade - at your discretion)

    Second Quarter - Directed Study - 1 unit

    • Assist the student in creating classroom assignments, resource/reading lists, guest speakers, etc.
    • Assign appropriate readings/assignments for the 190 directed study course with the student facilitator
    • Assign a grade to the facilitator for the work completed in the 190 course

    Third Quarter - Facilitation of R'Course

    • Serve as the instructor of record for the R'Course (a 190 or 198 through your department)
    • Meet (in person or via phone/email) with the student periodically to discuss the progress of the course
    • Periodically attend class sessions
    • Assign a grade (S or NC) to each of the participants in collaboration with the student facilitator (75% or higher = S)
  • Faculty Checklist

    The proposed course is in compliance with Academic Senate guidelines on unit values, is graded on an S/NC basis, and has regularly scheduled meeting times.

    The proposed course has explicit academic content and requirements, beyond classroom attendance, for receiving academic credit. In particular:

    • No more than 20% of the course grade can be given for attendance and participation.
    • Students read as part of the course, articles, books, and/or primary source documents that place the topic of the course in an academic context.
    • Students are informed in writing about what they need to do to pass the course.

    The content of the proposed course is within the scope of your department's academic program and does not duplicate existing courses offered in the department or at the university.

    The course is not based on a previous student's R'Course that was offered at the University.  (Each R'Course may only be taught a maximum of two times, for which you would need to provide the same assistance to the student should you both choose to offer it again in a future semester).

    You have clarified the respective roles and responsibilities of the student course facilitator and the instructor of record. In particular:

    • You have reviewed and approved the draft course syllabus prepared by the student facilitator. The syllabus contains an outline of course content, a reading list, and any assignments with requirements or rubrics. 
    • You have developed a plan for supervising the student facilitator and reviewed this plan with the student. 
    • Supervision should take the form of in-class observations, review of course materials, and meetings with the student, along with additional support as necessary. 
    • The student course facilitator understands that you, as the instructor of record, are the one who has the responsibility for awarding of all final grades and for reporting the grades to the Registrar.
    • You and the student facilitator have established a mechanism for keeping accurate records and documentation to support the awarding of credit to enrolled students.
    • You, as the instructor of record, are aware that you are the appropriate person to respond to and resolve complaints, conflicts, and grievances brought by students taking the course.

    You have checked to see that the resources needed for this course can be provided by the department or are otherwise available to the student.

    You, as the instructor of record, are aware that you are ultimately responsible for the success of the R'Course. In particular:

    • You are aware that R'Courses must comply with the same university policies that apply to other courses taught for unit credit at UCR. You should pay particular attention to issues of course content, instructional standards, and academic integrity. It is your responsibility to ensure compliance with applicable policies.
    • You understand that if the student facilitator does not comply with recommendations made by you, the department, or the R'Courses Board after the course has begun, or if the student is otherwise unable to continue as the facilitator, that you will be responsible for completing instruction of the course.
  • Next Steps
    1. Sign the proposal if it meets your criteria for approval.
    2. Retain a copy for your files.
    3. Submit the proposal to the department chair for review prior to final submission. The department chair MUST approve the proposal for the course to be offered. A good rule of thumb is to submit the proposal to the department chair at least 2 weeks prior to the proposal deadline to ensure timely signature for submission. (Department chair signatures can be obtained while student is working on final revisions).
Department Chair Information
  • Dept. Chair Checklist

    Have you checked to ensure the following:

    • The proposed course content is NOT already covered by a course in the department.
    • The department is willing to provide appropriate administrative support for this course (including enrolling and adjusting the grading basis for each student participant, if required).
    • The resources needed for this course can be provided by the department or are otherwise available to the student.

    In the event that the student does not comply with recommendations made by the faculty mentor, the department, or the R'Course Board after the course has begun, or if the student is otherwise unable to complete instruction of the course, the Department Chair (in consultation with the faculty mentor and the R'Course Board), may terminate a course or request that the faculty mentor complete the instruction.

  • Next Steps
    1. Sign the proposal if it meets the criteria for approval, and submit to rcourses@ucr.edu on or before the deadline.
    2. Retain the original approved proposal with your department records.
    3. Provide the student with a copy of the approved proposal.