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Before submitting your article for consideration in the UCR Undergraduate Research Journal, please read through the Paper Guidelines to ensure that you adhere to all of the publication guidelines. Additionally, the Student Editorial Board will be holding workshops on “How to get published in the Journal,” Attendance to one of these workshops is mandatory before your submission to the Journal. You are highly encouraged to RSVP to ensure a reserved seat.

Articles that do not follow the guidelines may be rejected on that basis. You should also consult with your faculty mentor prior to submission to ensure that your article is acceptable, as the faculty mentor will need to approve the submission before it moves forward to the Editorial Review Board. During the review process you may be provided with reviewer feedback to enhance your article for continued consideration. It is critical that you meet the set deadlines, that you proofread your resubmission, and that you adhere to the recommended edits. (Always proofread every submission.)

The submission form below consists of 4 pages. You should have your article and Bio ready to upload. You are encouraged to review the Bio Guidelines for direction and to view an example. The Bio is limited to 80 words, and it is very important that you check your grammar and spelling as this will be considered in the review process.

Please be sure that you enter all contact e-mails correctly. Upon article submission, you will receive an e-mail confirmation, and your faculty mentor will be asked to review and approve your submission. It is your responsibility to follow up with your faculty mentor to confirm that your article is approved by him/her in a timely manner. Your faculty mentor will have one day after the submission deadline to approve your article. Articles that fail to be approved may be rejected on that basis.

Remember: Authorship is an explicit way of assigning responsibility and giving credit for intellectual work. In order to correctly assign authorship credit, please follow these guidelines as provided on the Paper Guidelines page:

  • One author should take primary responsibility for the work as a whole.
  • Everyone who is listed as an author should have made a substantial, direct, intellectual contribution to the work. For example, they should have contributed to the conception, design, analysis and/or interpretation of data.
  • Please list authors in order of contribution. You are encouraged to discuss this with the team prior to submission. The order that you provide in this submission is the order that the authors will be listed.
  • All authors should participate in writing the manuscript by reviewing drafts and approving the final version.

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