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Student Engagement

 Award Recipients



These awards recognize students, one from each undergraduate program, who are selected by their faculty for achieving excellence in their academics, and research or creative activity.

Bourns College of Engineering
  • Wesley Poon, Bioengineering
  • Zachary Dunn, Chemical Engineering
  • Ethan Valdez, Computer Engineering
  • Randy He, Computer Science
  • Christian Ardito, Electrical Engineering
  • Hannah Keife, Environmental Engineering
  • Olivia Brandt, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Judah Almanzor, Mechanical Engineering

College of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences

  • Brenda Ruiz, Anthropology
  • Richard Guzman, Art History
  • Mindy Solis, Art Studio
  • Chandler Reilly, Business Economics
  • Nikia Altidor, Dance
  • Wesley Leary, Economics
  • Elizabeth Gillette, Economics/Admistrative Studies
  • Katrina Uyehara, Economics/Law and Society
  • Joshua Hueth, English
  • Hannah Hochberg-Miller, Gender and Sexuality Studies
  • Jordan Cohen, History
  • Dustin Hutton, History/Law and Society
  • Brett Walsh, Lang and Lit/Chinese
  • Maurice Gonzales, Lang and Lit/Classical Studies
  • Chelsea Davenport, Lang and Lit/Comparative Ancient Civilizations
  • Perla Osorio Rivera, Lang and Lit/Compartive Literatures
  • Adam Charron, Lang and Lit/French
  • Jacob Abrisz, Lang and Lit/Germanic Studies
  • Deanna Timmons, Lang and Lit/Japanese
  • Evelin Castro, Lang and Lit/Languages
  • Mortimer Howard, Lang and Lit,Russian
  • Davis Rush, Linguistics
  • Ryann Castro, Media and Cultural Studies
  • Valerie Chacon, Native American Studies
  • JC Lu Sing, Neuroscience
  • David Udell, Philosophy
  • Mina Hanin, Political Science
  • Abigail Farison, Political Science/International Affairs
  • Taylor Brown, Political Science/Public Service
  • Eli Labinger, Psychology
  • Mirella Deniz-Zaragoza, Sociology
  • Samantha Fong, Sustainability Studies
  • Natalie Saffi, Spanish
  • Chad Maxwell, Theatre, Film, and Digital Production
  • Cynthia Navarro, Theatre, Film, and Digital Production
  • Johnny Macias, Theatre, Film, and Digital Production
  • Anthony Lopez, Theatre, Film, and Digital Production

College of Natural & Agricultural Sciences

  • Christ Ordookhanian, Biochemistry
  • Rosa McGuire, Biology
  • Kevan Elkins, Plant Biology
  • Taulima Nua, Cell, Molecular, and Developmental Biology
  • Adam Thomas, Chemistry
  • Carson Brown, Environmental Studies
  • Sofia Martinez Alberga, Mathematics
  • Hannah Way, Microbiology
  • Maximiliano Toledo, Neuroscience
  • Renata Koontz, Physics
  • Mirella Rodriguez, Statistics

School of Business Administration

  • Gerald Marquez, Business Administration
  • Navreet Thind, Business Administration
  • Raunak Jain, Business Administration
  • Samantha Cowles, Business Administration
  • Sungjoo Kim, Business Administration
  • Valtteri Salomaki, Business Administration

School of Public Policy

  • David Angel, Public Policy


Selected by their respective college deans this award recognizes students for their exemplary achievement in academics and research or creative activity, their breadth of involvement in the college, and for their commitment to service and citizenship.

Bourns College of Engineering

  • Souradeep Bhattacharya, Bioengineering and Electrical Engineering

College of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences

  • Mina Hanin, Political Science

College of Natural & Agricultural Sciences

  • Samantha Byers, Biochemistry

School of Business Administration

  • Karishma Gokhale, Business Administration

School of Public Policy 

  • Samantha Fong, Public Policy and Sustainability Studies 



UCR Alumni Association Commencement Award 
Established in 1965 by the UCR Alumni Association this award includes a lifetime membership in the organization. It is given to a distinguished student leader who has devoted significant time and effort to community services projects and programs.

  • Zachary Dunn, Chemical Engineering

Dean Loda Mae Davis Award
Established in 1964 by the Prytanean Women’s Honor Society, this award is given in memory of UCR’s first Dean of Women, This award recognizes a graduating woman for her outstanding participation in extracurricular campus activities, leadership in campus organizations and academic achievement.

  • Ingris Aparcio-Rios, Sociology/Administrative Studies

Dean Thomas L. Broadbent Award 
Given in memory of UCR’s first Dean of Students and established in 1965 by the Associated Men Students, this award recognizes a graduating male student for his outstanding participation in extracurricular campus activities, leadership in campus organizations and academic achievement. 

  • Jeremiah Gordon, History

Marguleas/Weiman Humanitarian of the Year Award 
Established in 1990 by Anthony Marguleas in honor of his grandparents, Joe and Belle Marguleas and Louis and Jessie Weiman, who dedicated their lives to the betterment of their community, this award recognizes a UCR undergraduate student who serves as a role model and inspiration to others.

  • Audrey Lim, Neuroscience

Rosemary S. J. Schraer Awards
Given in memory of Rosemary S.J. Schraer, UCR Chancellor, 1987-1992, this award recognizes the academic excellence of two outstanding graduating seniors in the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences.

  • Christ Ordookhanian, Biochemistry
  • Samantha Byers, Biochemistry

Marlan and Rosemary Bourns Awards for Bourns College of Engineering 
Given in honor of the continuing commitment of Marlan and Rosemary Bourns and Bourns, Inc., this award recognizes the academic excellence of two outstanding graduating seniors in the Bourns College of Engineering.

  • Sandra Vadhin, Bioengineering
  • Karen Kong, Computer Science

Delta Sigma Pi Key Award 
The Delta Sigma Pi Key Award honors the graduating senior business student with the highest grade point average.

  • Cristina Liberal, Business Adminstration

Tomás Rivera Awards 
Given in memory of Tomás River, UCR Chancellor 1979-1984, this award recognizes the academic excellence of two graduating seniors in the College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences for outstanding academic and/or creative achievement and demonstrated commitment to community service. 

  • Kimberly Valladares, Political Science and Gender and Sexuality Studies
  • Maritza Salazar, Sociology

Chancellor's Awards for Excellence in Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievement 
These awards are given to graduating seniors who have distinguished themselves by conducting an outstanding research project or creative work.

  • Christ Ordookhanian, Biochemistry
  • Folashade Ayodele, Theatre, Film, and Digital


Recognizes undergraduate students maintaining a GPA of 3.90 or above by awarding a pin each year that the GPA is maintained. In their graduating year, the award includes a medallion on which their pins may be placed. The decorated medallion may be worn over their graduation gown during Commencement Ceremonies.

Bourns College of Engineering

  • Allen Chrisitan Partono, Bioengineering
  • Alon Yave Halfon, Bioengineering
  • David Luweiran Chen, Bioengineering
  • Elise Marie Schaefer, Bioengineering
  • Mabel Ramez Shehada, Bioengineering
  • Mary Camille Oyales Ybanez, Bioengineering
  • Peter Ashraf Abdou, Bioengineering
  • Raymond Smith, Bioengineering
  • Rebekah Emily Pittman, Bioengineering
  • Evan Michael Gabuya Oculam, Bioengineering BS + MS
  • Timothy Osher Yadegar, Bioengineering BS + MS
  • Wesley Kevin Poon, Bioengineering BS + MS
  • Aaron Ramirez, Chemical Engineering
  • Ansh Nagpal, Chemical Engineering
  • Benjamin Kurt Rammelsberg, Chemical Engineering
  • Chad Andrew Younger, Chemical Engineering
  • Chase Kalani Whitney, Chemical Engineering
  • Gustavo Andre Salazar, Chemical Engineering
  • Jose Alcides Garcia-Torres, Chemical Engineering
  • Joshua Ettienne Recinos, Chemical Engineering
  • Sergey Alkorn, Chemical Engineering
  • Zachary Spencer Dunn, Chemical Engineering
  • Ryan Edward Pan, Chemical Engineering BS + MS
  • Nicholas Minh Pham, Chemical Engineering/Physics
  • Alexander Jiyong Choi, Computer Engineering
  • Emanuel Yoel Halfon, Computer Engineering
  • Steven Thanh-Thach Nguyen, Computer Engineering
  • Ethan Francis Magpantay Valdez, Computer Engineering BS + MS
  • Amanda Jade Cao, Computer Science
  • Andrew Enrique Munoz, Computer Science
  • Brandon Edward Gutzmann, Computer Science
  • Damian Ronald Turner, Computer Science
  • Guthrie Duncan Price, Computer Science
  • Jasmine Chi-young Kwong, Computer Science
  • Jasmine Olivia Yu, Computer Science
  • Joshua Aquino Beto, Computer Science
  • Karen Yang Kong, Computer Science
  • Keith Joseph Zmudzinski, Computer Science
  • Kennen Jon Derenard, Computer Science
  • Marvin Hoang-Vinh Cao, Computer Science
  • Randy He, Computer Science
  • Robert Arenas, Computer Science
  • Salud Alejandro Lemus, Computer Science
  • Zelai Wang, Computer Science
  • Christian Tyler Ardito, Electrical Engineering
  • Jack Andrew Maynard, Electrical Engineering
  • Kevin Michael Mills, Electrical Engineering
  • Winson Rong Bi, Electrical Engineering
  • Alejandro Guillermo Gonzalez, Mechanical Engineering
  • Brian James Worth, Mechanical Engineering
  • Jose F. Flores, Mechanical Engineering
  • Judah David Almanzor, Mechanical Engineering
  • Noah Jaejoon Yim, Mechanical Engineering
  • Alex Minh Haduong, Mechanical Engineering BS + MS
  • Nicholas Trainor Roskopf, Mechanical Engineering BS+ MS

College of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences

  • Brianna Marie Lizarraga, Anthropology
  • Emily Mae Pham, Anthropology
  • Esmeralda Munoz, Anthropology
  • Haley Marilyn Henson, Anthropology
  • Jourdan Rosemary Santibanez, Anthropology
  • Sofia Villagrana, Anthropology
  • Steven Bahram Amiri, Anthropology
  • Ian Frederick Peltz, Art History
  • Jillian Anna Surdzial, Art History
  • Grace Ji-Hyun Lee, Business Economics
  • Jinglin He, Business Economics
  • Philip Liu, Business Economics
  • Augustus W Prouty, Creative Writing
  • Connor Sukeso Kubota, Creative Writing
  • Erin Grace Eschbacher, Creative Writing
  • Hannah Rose Vernot, Creative Writing
  • Jessica Frances Bautista, Creative Writing
  • Julia Amanda Zumaya, Creative Writing
  • Lili Mary Berni, Creative Writing
  • Rema Jason Shbaita, Creative Writing
  • Riley Raymond Leight, Creative Writing
  • Sabrina Lois Finke, Creative Writing
  • Sabrina Elizabeth Vasquez, Creative Writing
  • Steven Mark Shatkin, Creative Writing
  • Elizabeth Varela, Dance
  • Joel Ryan Despojado Reyes, Dance
  • Kevin Wong, Dance
  • Laura Mariela Moran, Dance
  • Yu-Ting Cheng, Dance
  • Zana Michelle Gant, Dance
  • Alex Eric Enriquez, Economics
  • Fangzhou Chen, Economics
  • Jiashu Fan, Economics
  • Michael Gregory Collins, Economics
  • Nathan F Ray, Economics
  • Wesley Michael Leary, Economics
  • Elizabeth Irene Gillette, Economics/Admin Studies
  • Alan Christopher Olney, English
  • Andrew Beaumont McCarrell, English
  • Andrew James Peppler, English
  • Austin Mitchell Williamson, English
  • Carolina Cabral, English
  • Dianne Yvonne Yett, English
  • Elayne Bentley, English
  • Gabriella Marie Lopez, English
  • Jan Leonard Maramot Rodil, English
  • Joshua Javier Rosales, English
  • Madeleine Michelle Simmons, English
  • Stephanie Marie Martinez, English
  • Susan Ann Chmiel Williams, English
  • Kimberly Lis Valladares, Gender and Sexuality Studies
  • Rewa Samir Ousman, Global Studies
  • Daniel Lawrence Archuleta, History
  • Geralyn Louise Shulkin, History
  • James Michael Meza, History
  • Jordan Nicole Cohen, History
  • Mark Lewis Reynolds, History
  • Paige Mackenzie Kuster, History
  • Sarah Jane Markiewicz, History
  • Serena Alexandra Rodholm, History
  • Gloria Deanna Page, Liberal Studies
  • Jessica Berenice Gallardo, Liberal Studies
  • Karli Kennedy Orona, Liberal Studies
  • Rebecca Sander Paplanus, Liberal Studies
  • Vanessa De Jesus Soria, Liberal Studies
  • Waahida Mansion, Liberal Studies 
  • Dalia Lopez Garcia, Linguistics
  • Evelin Liliana Castro, Linguistics
  • Emilie Louise Abraham, Media and Cultural Studies
  • Erik Cisneros, Media and Cultural Studies
  • Jannon Jaye Otto, Media and Cultural Studies
  • Jodi Lynn Felder, Media and Cultural Studies
  • Richard Garcia, Media and Cultural Studies
  • Shayne Christopher Lindsey, Media and Cultural Studies
  • Danielle Sara Kennelly, Middle East and Islamic Studies
  • Emmitt Daichi Saito, Music
  • Valerie Margaret Chacon, Native American Studies
  • Ali Saad Mahmood, Philosophy
  • Alice Ji Lee, Philosophy
  • Austin Davis Hanks, Philosophy
  • David Billy Udell, Philosophy
  • Jennah Danielle Espino, Philosophy
  • Lora Carlyn White-Morgan, Philosophy
  • Matthew Arthur Duffy, Philosophy
  • Aidan Conor Rutten, Political Science
  • Bailey Ann Gandy, Political Science
  • Demi Ann Kim, Political Science
  • Devin Joesph Main, Political Science
  • Jason Michael Huynh, Political Science
  • Kristin Parsons Southall, Political Science
  • Mina S. Hanin, Political Science
  • Sydney Joy Deardorff, Political Science
  • Abigail Hope Farison, Political Science/International Affairs
  • Karla Cecilia Bonilla, Political Science/International Affairs
  • Kevin James Connelly, Political Science/International Affairs
  • Amanda Eunhae Sohn, Pre-Business
  • Crystal Ng, Pre-Business
  • Cynthia Xinyi Xia, Pre-Business
  • Rachel Quan, Pre-Business
  • Sandhya Kumaran Raghvan, Pre-Business
  • Thuy Tricia Xuan Do, Pre-Business
  • Yushu Mao, Pre-Business
  • Alysia Elizabeth Burbidge, Psychology
  • Benjamin J Perez Gutierrez, Psychology
  • Christalana Rocelove Danao, Psychology
  • Corinna Yvonne Franco, Psychology
  • Danny Chi Thong Vuong, Psychology
  • Debora Bina Handojo, Psychology
  • Eli Aaron Labinger, Psychology
  • Guadalupe Aileen Mendoza, Psychology
  • Joelle Nanette Bova-Havers, Psychology
  • Judy Lu-Yang Wu, Psychology
  • Julia Jooyeon Kim, Psychology
  • Julia Nicole Scotese, Psychology
  • Kayleigh Alexandra Cousar, Psychology
  • Kyle Allen Kester, Psychology
  • Latasha Marie Bridgemon, Psychology
  • Lin Khern Avery Chia, Psychology
  • Marisa Lucia Montoya, Psychology
  • Markalee Sage Ortiz, Psychology
  • Pollyanna Cheng, Psychology
  • Randle Aaron Molina Villanueva, Psychology
  • Sabrina Phung, Psychology
  • Tramanh Dang Truong, Psychology
  • Valeriya Ragozina, Psychology
  • Whitney Elizabeth Runde, Psychology
  • Yema Akuwa Conteh, Psychology
  • Nabeeha Viqar Said, Psychology/Law and Society
  • David Angel, Public Policy
  • Samantha Hope Fong, Public Policy
  • Alejandra Nuevo, Sociology
  • Deja Marie Goodwin, Sociology
  • Diana Yejin Whang, Sociology
  • Karen Elizabeth Maestas, Sociology
  • Shyam Brihan Rajan, Sociology
  • Jacqueline Grimaldo, Sociology/Law and Society
  • Natalie Raquel Saffi, Spanish
  • Rebekah Grace Keagy, Spanish
  • Andreas Jose Riojas, Theatre, Film, & Digital Production
  • Christian Andrew Hoffman, Theatre, Film, & Digital Production
  • Chrystal Kim, Theatre, Film, & Digital Production
  • Hannah Jeanette Smith, Theatre, Film, & Digital Production
  • Isela Estefania Quijas, Theatre, Film, & Digital Production
  • Jasmine Keiko Yamanaka, Theatre, Film, & Digital Production
  • Jiasi Lai, Theatre, Film, & Digital Production
  • John Kellen Lowe, Theatre, Film, & Digital Production
  • Samantha Lynne French, Theatre, Film, & Digital Production
  • Sarah Bazzy, Theatre, Film, & Digital Production
  • Seth Ragonese, Theatre, Film, & Digital Production
  • Sophia Marcella Lux-Archer, Theatre, Film, & Digital Production
  • Terri Elise Tomlinson, Theatre, Film, & Digital Production

College of Natural & Agricultural Sciences

  • Anser Shahzad Qazi, Biochemistry
  • Benjamin Joseph Jones, Biochemistry
  • Brian Vinh Nguyen, Biochemistry
  • Divine Kaur Grewal, Biochemistry
  • Hannah Esther Navarrete, Biochemistry
  • Jason Edwin Garrido, Biochemistry
  • Jason Nhat Tuan Hoang, Biochemistry
  • Joseph Joshua Jacinto, Biochemistry
  • Katie Sihavong, Biochemistry
  • Linh Thuy Le, Biochemistry
  • Maivy Ngoc Le, Biochemistry
  • Ngoc T. Tran, Biochemistry
  • Samantha Rae Byers, Biochemistry
  • Simran Kaur Sandhu, Biochemistry
  • Tina Xie Wang, Biochemistry
  • Alvin Lee Chan, Biology
  • Amrik Singh Kang, Biology
  • Angela Elaine Gandara, Biology
  • An-Phong Duy-Duc Nguyen, Biology
  • Arpita Gupta, Biology
  • Bindi Shailesh Hira, Biology
  • Blake Stephan Lockard, Biology
  • Christian Mark Epilogo Agatep, Biology
  • Christina Allison Stirwalt, Biology
  • Daniel Yun Sun Tsai, Biology
  • Dennis Augustine Sievers, Biology
  • Diana Torres, Biology
  • Erica Li, Biology
  • Hyemin Kim, Biology
  • Isaac Henry King Ngo, Biology
  • Joanna Chanmi Sung, Biology
  • Jonathan Solomon Balisky, Biology
  • Karen Rafeek Abdo Zaky Mina, Biology
  • Leandra L. Doan, Biology
  • Leland Hao-Ly Nguyen, Biology
  • Mehruba Zaman, Biology
  • Michael Amer Hanna, Biology
  • Michaela Ghaleb Sabbah, Biology
  • Miles Patrick Cutuli, Biology
  • Minhtri Nguyen Phuc Ta, Biology
  • Nathan Lee Do, Biology
  • Patrick Virgil Samones, Biology
  • Rosa Maria McGuire, Biology
  • Ryan Kim, Biology
  • Sami Jelousi Zada, Biology
  • Sarah Estawani, Biology
  • Shayan Irfan Ali, Biology
  • Sumbul Arfa Haider, Biology
  • Thai Hoang Tran, Biology
  • Tommy Adam Ha, Biology
  • Verena Sameh Tadros, Biology
  • Vivek Viren Bhatt, Biology
  • Wali Mansour, Biology
  • Alek Thomas Kettenburg, Cell, Molecular, and Developmental Biology
  • Anthony Pierre Cort, Cell, Molecular, and Developmental Biology
  • Christofer Lara, Cell, Molecular, and Developmental Biology
  • Francesca Annabelle Hall, Cell, Molecular, and Developmental Biology
  • Matthew Alexander Luy, Cell, Molecular, and Developmental Biology
  • Matthew John Roberts, Cell, Molecular, and Developmental Biology
  • Taulima Lee Nua, Cell, Molecular, and Developmental Biology
  • Teressa Aicha Benbarka, Cell, Molecular, and Developmental Biology
  • Adam Joseph Haughey, Chemistry
  • Adam Edward Thomas, Chemistry
  • Georgette Sabbah, Chemistry
  • Teressa Aicha Benbarka, Chemistry
  • Madison Rose Hernandez, Entomology
  • Karley Rene Sullivan, Geology
  • Aaron Wong, Mathematics
  • Andrew Alexander Whitaker, Mathematics
  • Eduardo Alonzo Zamora, Mathematics
  • John James Palacios, Mathematics
  • Journey Jean Burbridge, Mathematics
  • Matthew John McGinnis, Mathematics
  • Neima Kochebagh Ghandian, Mathematics
  • Shannon Marie Sweitzer, Mathematics
  • James Edward Pagett, Microbiology
  • Omar Mohamad Abbas, Microbiology
  • Amanda Nicole Tedesco, Neurology
  • Brian Matthew Ibrahim, Neurology
  • Joshua Roa Mahutga, Neurology
  • Justin Singh, Neurology
  • Matthew Jung Tae, Neurology
  • Norbu Tenzing, Neurology
  • Steven Bishay, Neurology
  • Abby Pui Suen Leung, Physics
  • Calvin Alexander Glisson, Physics
  • Michael John Randall, Physics
  • Thomas William Waddleton, Physics
  • Tamera Mieh Taylor, Plant Biology
  • Taylor Rose Myhre, Plant Biology
  • Victoria Helen Morris, Plant Biology
  • Trey William McGonigle, Statistics

School of Business Administration* & Pre-Business CHASS students

  • Cristina Patricia Liberal, Business Admistration
  • Hiranyajeet Singh, Business Administration


Barry Goldwater Scholarship

  • Renata Koontz, Physics
  • Nicholas Pham, Bioengineering & Physics

CORO Fellows Program

  • Taylor Brown, Political Science/Public Service
  • Mina S. Hanin, Political Science
  • Phong Hong, Entomology
  • Allita Watkins, Political Science/Intl Affairs

Donald A. Strauss Scholarship

  • Andrew Eneim, Cell, Molecular, and Developmental Biology

Fulbright English Teaching Award

  • Phong Hong, Entomology

Fulbright Research Award

  • n/a

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program

  • Natalie Fischer
  • Alejandro Gallegos, Chemical Engineering
  • Rosa McGuire, Biology
  • Shannon Sweitzer, Mathematics

National Physical Sciences Consortium Fellowship

  • Shannon Sweitzer, Mathematics

Public Policy & International Affairs Program

  • Muhammad "Omer" Sohil

Science, Mathematics, and Research for Transformation (SMART) Scholarship

  • Shannon Sweitzer, Mathematics

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