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Best Annual Presentations

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Best Annual Presentations

Best Oral Presentations:

    • Jazmine Exford, Linguistics and Spanish

      Abstract Title: Vienbenidos a San Juan: On the Distribution of Allophonic [v] for Spanish Phoneme /b/
      Faculty Mentor: Dr. Covadonga Lamar Prieto, Hispanic Studies

    • Kassandra Kin, Cell, Molecular, and Developmental Biology

      Abstract Title: Prenol and its effect on Entomopathogenic Nematodes as a Dispersal Cue
      Faculty Mentor: Dr. Adler Dillman, Parasitology

    • Jacqueline Mantooth, Bioengineering

      Abstract Title: Selective Glioblastoma Susceptibility to Pharmacological Ascorbate Therapy: Significance of Peroxisomal Latency
      Faculty Mentor: Dr. Victor G.J Rodgers, Bioengineering

Best Poster Presentations:

    • Leslie Lopez, Psychology

      How Do University Students Think About Intensive Health Interventions? A Qualitative Study
      Faculty Mentor: Dr. Howard Friedman, Psychology

    • Rainita Narender, Psychology

      Does napping boost benefits of brain-training for working memory?
      Faculty Mentor: Dr. Aaron Seitz, Psychology

    • Tony Dorado, Chemistry

      Covalent Organic Frameworks for the Upconversion of Photons with Nanocrystal Light Absorbers
      Faculty Mentor: Dr. Ming Lee Tang, Chemistry

    • Adam Christensen, General Applied Mathematics
      Andrew Whitaker, Computational Mathematics

      Investigating free parameters of a computational subcellular element model
      Faculty Mentors: Dr. Mark Alber, Mathematics; Dr. Ali Nematbkhsh, Mathematics

  • Damini Bhana, Chemical Engineering
    Eric Lin, Chemical Engineering
    Jesse Mendoza, Environmental Engineering

    Titania Coatings
    Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kawai Tam, Chemical and Environmental

  • Hira Yoshihara-Saint, Chemical Engineering

    Nitrated water remediation through an electromediated granular activated carbon packed bed
    Faculty Mentors: Dr. David Jassby, Chemical and Environmental Engineering; Dr. Kawai Tam, Chemical and Environmental

Best Oral Presentations:

    • Adrianne Blackwood, Creative Writing

      Abstract Title: Hearing Colors
      Faculty Mentor: Dr. Michael Jayme, Creative Writing

    • Damon Platt, Biology

      Abstract Title: Increased Neuronal Activity in the Stress Center of the Brian in Response to Acute Ozone Exposure May Indicate Why Ozone Leads to Metabolic Disorder
      Faculty Mentor: Dr. Louis Santiago, Botany and Plant Sciences

Best Poster Presentations:

    • Francine Can, Psychology

      Support from Friends and the Academic Self-Efficacy and School Connectedness of First-Year College Students
      Faculty Mentor: Dr. Mary Gauvain, Psychology

    • Austen Trainer, Psychology

      Parents Overestimate Children’s Behavioral and Cognitive Emotion Regulation Strategy Repertoires
      Faculty Mentor: Dr. Elizabeth Davis, Psychology

    • Angie Truong, Psychology

      Get Back Out There! Children's Participation in Sports and Parent Emotion Socialization
      Faculty Mentor: Dr. Elizabeth Davis, Psychology

    • Eriel Datuin, Biology

      Cytotoxic Effects of Varying Humectant Concentrations and Voltage in Electronic Cigarettes
      Faculty Mentor: Dr. Prue Talbot, Cell Biology and Neuroscience

    • Elena Kozlova, Neuroscience

      Exploring Brain Gene Markers for Neurobehavioral Deficits Produced by Developmental Exposure to Indoor Flame Retardants
      Faculty Mentor: Dr. Margarita Curras-Collazo, Cell Biology and Neuroscience

    • Catherine Ho, Neuroscience

      Soybean Oil High Fat Diet Reduces Hypothalamic Oxytocin Immunoreactivity
      Faculty Mentors: Dr. Margarita Curras-Collazo, Cell Biology and Neuroscience; Dr. Frances Sladek, Cell Biology and Neuroscience

    • Christy Hoong, Neuroscience

      Big Head, Little Head: Tracing the evolution of exaggerated head shapes in Nannocoris Reuter (Hemiptera: Schizopteridae)
      Faculty Mentor: Dr. Christiane Weirauch, Entomology

    • Sona Naik, Neuroscience
      Stephanie Ngo, Biology
      Christian Agatep, Genetics

      Screening for RNAi mutants deficient in silencing virus
      Faculty Mentor: Dr. Weifeng Gu, Cell Biology and Neuroscience

    • Ranier Rivera, Biochemistry

      Examination of Potential i-Motif Binding Candidates
      Faculty Mentor: Dr. Thomas Morton, Chemistry

  • Diego Novoa, Chemical and Environmental Engineering

    Environmental Impacts of Titanium Dioxide Through A Model Colon and Septic Tank System
    Faculty Mentor: Sharon Walker, Chemical and Environmental Engineering

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