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Volume VII, 2013

Volume VII, 2013

Letters from the Administration
Interim Chancellor – Jane Close Conoley
Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education – Steven G. Brint

Acknowledgements and Letter from the Editorial Board

2013 Articles included in Print Journal

  1. Effects of Fatherhood on Immune Cell Count and
    Viability in the California Mouse

    Trey Amador, Adam Marentes, Kristine Kaiser
  2. Measurements of Positron Lifetimes in Ni, PTFE
    and SiO2 by Means of a Digital Storage Oscilloscope

    Alina M. Escalera, Parth B. Patel

  3. The relationship between self-reports of personality and computer
    mediated interactions

    Israel Flores
  4. Soil nutrient response and ecotypic differentiation of
    invasive medusahead

    Amy Kwiecien

  5. Nano-scale surface morphology of magnesium anodized in a
    10 m koH electrolyte

    Christopher Miller, Aaron F. Cipriano

  6. Psychological correlates of humor styles
    Andie Preuss

  7. A work in Progress: Participation and the role of the public as seen
    in the photography of gina osterloh and Farrah karapetian

    Pejman Shojaei
  8. Environmental effects of light and predation on coloration in wild guppies
    Michelle Yoakim, Leila Magistrado, Francis Phan,

2013 Articles Included in On-line Journal 

  1. A Novel Inhibitor of SUMOylation Pathway: Understanding the
    Mechanism of Action 

    Myra Etuale, Hilda Wiryawan
  2. Design of Impedance-driven Flow Device for Studying Magnesium
    Degradation in Simulated Body Fluidtion

    Elbert David Mai, Nidhanjali Bansal, Frank Le, Michael Reyes, Jack Tang
  3. Osmotic pressure of bovine serum albumin in the presence of calcium
    chloride with low ionic strength

    Danielle Nicole Ornelas, NU Ozaki, DW McBride
  4. Approaching media bias: C-SPAN viewed through the propaganda model
    Luan Truong

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