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Volume V, 2011

Volume V, 2011

Letters from the Administration
Chancellor – Timothy P. White
Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education – David H. Fairris

Acknowledgements and Letter from the Student Editorial Board

Undergraduate Research Journal Cover

2011 Articles included in Print Journal

  1. Distributing Consciousness: Catalysts and Impediments for Indigenous Testimonio
    Michael Abbott
  2. Steric Interactions between sp and sp3 Carbons in Acyclic Alkynes and Nitriles
    Daniya Ashhad, Emelline Chen, Jonathan Getscher, Leila Magistrado, Christopher Margono, Mundy Reimer, Adam Silvers
  3. Taking on a Mourning Her Mother Never Bothered With: Esther’s Anguished Memory and Her Resistance to a Domestic Life in Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar
    Lauren Benard
  4. Characterization of Novel Riverside Human Stem Cell Lines
    Yuri Cheung
  5. Do You Want the Good News or the Bad News First? News Order Influences Recipients’ Mood, Perceptions, and Behaviors
    Ann Nguyen
  6. Physicochemical Analysis of the Interaction between Epstein-Barr Virus Glycoprotein gp350 and Complement Receptor 2 using AESOP (Analysis of Electrostatic Similarities Of Proteins)
    Aaron Nichols
  7. The Effects of Proppant Concentration on the Rheology of Slurries for Hydraulic Fracturing- A Review
    Nicholas A. Petty
  8. The Horizontal Vertical Illusion: An Investigation in Context and Environment
    Amanda Roos
  9. Empress Zenobia and Gender Bias Amongst the Romans
    Francesca Spolidoro
  10. 2011 Articles Included in Electronic Journal

  11. Use of phosphosphospecific pY14 antibody to identify potential Src substrates
    Jake Schnabl
  12. Lead Regulation: Arresting the Painting Pandemic
    Suzy Taroyan
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