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Volume IV, 2010

Volume IV, 2010

Letters from the Administration
Chancellor – Timothy P. White
Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education – David H. Fairris

Acknowledgements and Letter from the Student Editorial Board

Undergraduate Research Journal Cover

2010 Articles included in Print Journal

  1. Stability of Collectivism and Individualism in Vietnamese Americans and Mexian Americans
    Daniel Campa
  2. Electrostatic Properties of Decay-Accelerating Factor (DAF)
    Mohammed Zuned Desai
  3. Measurement of the Integer Quantum Hall Effect in Graphene
    Philip Kratz
  4. "When Sex Has Lost its Significance": Homosexuality, Society, and Roman Law in the 4th Century
    Christopher Records
  5. Importance of Mass Transfer at the Vascular Endothelium
    Martha Sosa
  6. Behavioral Adaptatoions of House Flies (Musca domestica L.)
    Daniel Wasik
  7. A Two-Dimensional Analytical Model of Uyghur Separatism
    Meng Yuan
  8. China Still Rising: Neocolonialism and Cultural Costs of Social Progress in Mass Produced Visual Media
    Kimberly Zarate

2010 Articles Included in Electronic Journal

  1. Electrostatic Exploration of Membrane Cofactor Protein (MCP) using Computational Alanine Scans, Poisson-Boltzmann Electrostatics and Experimental Mutagenesis Data
    Marisse Foronda

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