University of California, Riverside

Student Engagement

Volume III, 2009

Volume III, 2009

Letters from the Administration
Chancellor – Timothy P. White
Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education – David H. Fairris

Acknowledgements and Letter from the Student Editorial Board

2009 Articles included in Print Journal

  1. Rubens Under the Influence: The Combination of Objects and Text
    Alison Adams
  2. Facing the Inevitable: Predictors of Two Types of Acceptance
    Carrell L. Jamilano
  3. The 2008 Presidential Election Gender Gap:
    The Effects of Prejudicial Attitudes on Voting Intentions

    Vernyta Moore
  4. Examination of a California Coastal Sage Scrub Seed Bank
    that has been Invaded by Exotic Annual Species

    Michelle L. Murphy
  5. A Study of the 2008 Wells, Nevada Earthquake
    using Satellite Radar Interferometry

    Philip Nee
  6. Seed Bank of Exotic and Native Plant Species After a Fire
    Joseph Prather
  7. The Role of Electrostatics in the Function of Factor H,
    and its Relation to Complement System-Mediated Disease

    Homero Vazquez
  8. Spiritual Sustenance: The History, Ritual and Significance
    of the Bulol Figures of the Philippine Ifugao People

    Kimberly Zarate
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