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Volume II, 2008

Volume II, 2008

Letters from the Administration
Acting Chancellor – Robert D. Grey
Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education – David H. Fairris

Acknowledgements and Letter from the Student Editorial Board

2008 Articles included in Print Journal

  1. Zero Waste Biodiesel: Using Glycerin And Biomass To Create Renewable Energy
    Sean Brady
  2. Computational Prediction of Association Free Energies for the C3d-CR2 Complex and Comparison to Experimental Data
    Alexander S. Cheung
  3. Phosphorylation of Crk Adaptor Protein by Cdc42-Activated Pak2 and Identification of Phosphorylation Sites
    Jisun Lee
  4. Augustan Era Policy on the Rhine Frontier from 34 B.C.E.-16 C.E.
    Kyle McStay
  5. Fractal Strings and Number Theory: The Harmonic String and the Prime String
    Jason C. Payne
  6. Motion Based Bird Sensing Using Frame Differencing and Gaussian Mixture
    Deep J. Shah
  7. Love a Son, Raise a Daughter: A Cross-Sectional Examination of African American Mothers’ Parenting Styles
    James M. Telesford
  8. Mating-Type Distribution Of The Rice Blast Pathogen Pyricularia grisea In California
    R. Z. Urak
  9. Secondary Organic Aerosol (Soa) And Ozone Formation From Agricultural Pesticides
    Lindsay D. Yee
  10. Bacterium-Induced Fluorescence-Enhancement Kinetics: Breaking 100-Year Old Traditions of Staining Bioanalyses
    Elizabeth Zielins

2008 Articles Included in Electronic Journal

  1. A novel strategy of protein engineering in dissecting SUMO interactions within the JAK/STAT pathway
    Adam Cheng
  2. Effect of Reduced Height Genes (Rht) on Components of the Root System in Bread Wheat
    Aaron Hoops
  3. High-throughput Screening Assay Development for Small Molecule Inhibitor(s) of PIAS1
    Vipul Madahar
  4. For Better or For Worse? An analysis of marriage and divorce changes in Japan
    Bryan Nicol
  5. Recyclables in UCR waste containers
    Justin Richardson and Tyler Dang

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