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2016/2017 CRF Faculty Selection Committee

  • Dr. Roya Bahreini, Environmental Sciences
  • Dr. Richard Cardullo, Interim Vice Provost, Undergraduate Education
  • Dr. Po-Nig Chen, Mathematics
  • Dr. Heather Ford, Earth Sciences
  • Dr. Denver Graninger, History
  • Dr. Hill Harmon, Chemistry
  • Gladis Herrera-Berkowitz, Director of Student Engagement
  • Dr. Xiaoping P. Hu, Bioengineering
  • Dr. Isgouhi Kaloshian, Nematology
  • Dr. James Kelliher, Mathematics
  • Dr. Matthew King, Religious Studies
  • Wei Liu, Earth Sciences
  • Dr. Carl Mautner, Mathematics
  • Dr. Michael McKibben, Geology
  • Dr. Leonard Mueller, Chemistry
  • Dr. Rebekah Richert, Psychology
  • Dr. Victor Rodgers, Bioengineering
  • Dr. Jan Stets, Sociology
  • Dr. Heidi Waltz, Comparative Literature & Foreign Languages
  • Dr. Richard Wilson, Mechanical Engineering 
  • Dr. Vijayalakshmi Santhakumar, Molecular, Cell & Systems Biology
  • Dr. Ruoxue Yan, Chemical & Environmental Engineering

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